Every appeals case has its own challenging issues. This is why a skilled Knoxville, Tennessee appeals lawyer is a necessary force to have in your corner. One of the best appellate law firms in Knoxville, Tennessee, Ooten Law is here for your Tennessee appeals court case. Contact Attorney Matt Ooten, at Ooten Law, by calling 865-259-0999 or email us at info@ootenlawfirm.com.

Tennessee State Criminal Appeals Lawyer

When it comes time to plead your case in front of the court of appeals you need a Tennessee appeals lawyer that can handle a wide range of cases. Some of the appeals court cases that we handle include:

The Tennessee Court of Appeals is the last step before your case goes to the Tennessee Supreme Court. Instead of doing a yellow pages search for "best criminal appeals lawyer near me", know that you've come to the right Tennessee Appellate Law Firm to be in your corner today. Call us at 865-259-0999 today.

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