Though they may seem trivial, traffic violations are serious. When you have received a ticket for a traffic violation, you have several options. Pay the ticket and deal with the points, increased insurance, fines or traffic school, or you can choose to fight back. You need to hire a traffic violations defense attorney. With Attorney Matt Ooten of Ooten Law Firm, you have the opportunity to have one of Knoxville's top traffic violations lawyers on your side.
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Criminal Traffic Violation

Ooten Law Firm has a growing reputation for successfully defending against criminal traffic tickets in Tennessee. As a law firm dedicated to providing outstanding service, we work with our clients to understand every every step of the legal process in the world of criminal traffic violations. so that you can make educated decisions for yourself. No matter the severity of your case, we can help you. We have experience in helping our clients defend themselves against:

Civil Traffic Violation Defense Lawyer

People receive traffic tickets all of the time. But, just because you receive a traffic violation doesn't necessarily mean that you are guilty. Paying a traffic ticket in Tennessee is an admission of guilt. 
In Tennessee most traffic violations stay on your record a minimum of 5 years, and in some situations, life. You need legal representation that has a thorough and working knowledge of the civil traffic laws. It's time to hire The Ooten Law firm for assistance today.
You have several options if you have received some sort of traffic ticket in Tennessee. Based on the type of Tennessee traffic ticket you were given by the officer you have several options. The options that you have available to you under Tennessee traffic law are:

• Pay the fine
• Request a mitigation hearing
• Request a contested hearing

No matter the decision you ultimately decide to make regarding your traffic ticket,YOU MUST respond to your traffic ticket within 15 days, or you could face additional penalties, such as a license suspension.

We Represent Against a Number of Traffic Law Violations

As a traffic violations lawyer, we represent our clients on a number of common civil traffic violations. Some of the traffic violations we help defend our clients against are:

Fighting and winning against a traffic ticket/moving violation can help you:

• Fine
• License suspension
• Increased insurance premiums

When You Need a Tennessee Traffic Violations Lawyer

The roads in Tennessee are more than enjoyable to drive, and those roads present a number of opportunities for the police to find potential traffic violations. If you've somehow have found yourself caught up in a traffic violation situation, you're going to need a traffic violations lawyer.That's when you call Attorney Matt Ooten of The Ooten Law Firm today at 865-259-0999.

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