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What is an Expungement

An Expungement refers to the legal process of sealing of an individuals arrest and conviction records. Unfortunately, there are a number of people that are in fact eligible for a criminal records expungement, yet they continue on without the knowledge that there is a legal remedy available to them that can positively affect their criminal background or criminal history.

Expungement Law for Misdemeanor convictions and Felony Class E Convictions

There is an Expungement Law for Misdemeanor convictions and Felony Class E convictions that allows nonviolent offenders who have completed all requirements of their criminal sentence and have no violent convictions, as individuals that are eligible to petition the court for expungement of their criminal record.

Expungement of Judicial Diversion

Judicial Diversion is an expungement that can be used if you have never been convicted of a felony. Judicial diversion can also be used for certain misdemeanors and only if you have never received Diversion before. Non eligible misdemeanors or felonies include a criminal offense that was a sexual or a violent as defined in Tennessee Criminal Code 40-39-202.

Dismissal or Not Guilty Verdict

If an individual is charged with misdemeanor or felony and the charge was subsequently dismissed, a no true bill returned by grand jury, or if an individual has been arrested and released without charge, that person must apply for expunction of the record. There is no court fee to expunge dismissed criminal defense cases.

What Types of Crimes are NOT Eligible for Criminal Record Expungement in Tennessee

In general, criminal expungements are eligible for those who have been convicted of certain types of criminal offenses. Some of the types of crimes that generally aren't eligible for expungement include the following:

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