Face the Legal Consequences of a DUI with an Experienced DUI Attorney

Every year up to 1.5 million people get arrested for drunk driving. Have you been arrested under the suspicion of drunk or impaired driving? If so, you may be facing extremely serious consequences. DUI laws and penalties are very severe and complex in Knoxville, Tennessee. Being arrested for a DUI calls for hiring an experienced DUI attorney.

A Knoxville DUI lawyer can help attempt to reduce and fight charges related to driving under the influence. Your specific offense will determine the severity of your case. For example, your DUI attorney can assist you in avoiding possible jail time, restitution costs, a driving license revocation, and assist you in planning the ideal course of action or if you should determine a plea bargain.

Once you have received a conviction for drunk driving, you should find a DUI lawyer immediately. Do you know if you can get a restricted hardship driver’s license while under a license suspension? A DUI attorney can help you find out and explain the severity of your case. If this is a second or greater driving under the influence offense, you can expect the penalties to increase.

Will Your Permanent Driving Record Be Affected?

Most motorists convicted of a DUI want to know if their permanent driving record will be affected. If you are found guilty or plan to plead guilty, a DUI stays on your record for ten years. If you are convicted of a DUI after being convicted before, that prior conviction counts against you. Having a DUI defense attorney by your side is the only way to get the best results for your case.

A Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Get a Reduced Sentence

You need a trustworthy DUI lawyer to aid you in getting a reduced sentence, if possible. Penalties always vary depending on the precise situation. Regular offenders can expect consequences to change. First-time offenders can expect to have a plea prepared by prosecution teams.

Well-known, experienced lawyers tend to have a record of successful cases as well as dismissals. They are good at helping their clients get reduced sentences. Have no doubt, DUI cases are severe and complicated. You need to work with skilled DUI attorneys that fully understand the legal system.

You Really Don’t Want to Go to Jail

If you’re thinking handling your own DUI case is no big deal, think again. You can schedule a one-on-one, free consultation with a DUI attorney that could prevent you from going to jail. The knowledge of DUI attorneys is extremely valuable.

Spend as Little Time in Court as Possible

Court can be stressful and complicated. An expert DUI attorney can help you spend less time in the courtroom. They also understand the subtle nuances and expectations of the court and know how to navigate the system well.

Knoxville DUI Attorneys Zealously Defend Their Clients

Your Knoxville DUI attorney will make it their mission to defend you in court at both federal and state levels. Expect your attorney to want to get to know you as well as every facet of your DUI case. This gives them the benefit of being able to passionately defend you.

It Could Be Possible to Erase Your Record

Every DUI case is different and so are the results. Some cases may go to full trial and others may just have your license suspended or possibly revoked. Depending on your case, a DUI attorney may be able to ease the penalties. Sometimes, a DUI can be completely removed from the offender’s record.

DUIs can stick around and tarnish your reputation. This is exactly why you should request a free consultation with a DUI attorney. They can positively change your life. Get the help you need for your DUI case by taking that first step and requesting a free consultation.