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Marijuana in 2022: What are the Laws?

Marijuana has been a highly-debated substance in the US for years. Questions like “should it be recreationally legalized?” and “should past convicts of marijuana-related crimes be released?” have been just a few of the questions floated around recently. With these laws being changed all the time, it’s important to stay updated as to if an accident in your state would call for a DUI attorney.

Medical Marijuana Use

Marijuana is often used for medicinal purposes and is often recommended by doctors for patients with extremely anxiety-inducing diagnoses or for help fighting nausea. Medical marijuana use is legal in 33 states and is on the rise.

While cannabis can be prescribed in many different forms, it is mostly prescribed for any kind of physical pain in a patient. Cases of medical marijuana use are quite common, but it is still of vital importance to follow doctor’s prescriptions accurately and safely to avoid a potential DUI case.

Recreational Marijuana Use

More and more states are permitting the use of recreational marijuana, which is simply the use of cannabis without a medical prescription. States like Alaska and California have adopted laws permitting the use of recreational marijuana, while others are still upholding laws only allowing medicinal use.

DUI Requirements

While so many states have permitted Marijuana use, every state still has a firm stance on DUI or driving under the influence. If someone is caught driving while under cannabis’s influence, there are charges that will most likely be charged.

If someone is arrested for a DUI, there are many options for them. Charges will differ by state, but it’s always a good idea to seek legal advice if this is new to you. A DUI attorney or criminal attorney can answer questions regarding your arrest. Authorities need to prove to a court whether you were under the influence, so a criminal defense attorney is sure to provide answers to your questions and give you support through the whole process.

Since the laws regarding cannabis use are still changing so much, a DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer will often look to deeply examine the laws in your state, and explain some of the more gray areas when it comes to being arrested for a dui.

With the legislation around cannabis differing in every state, smoking marijuana can be illegal in one state and have no consequences in another. However, DUIs are criminal charges across the board. Looking for a DUI lawyer to answer your questions is always a wise choice. Reach out to us today.