What to Do When Looking For A DUI Attorney in Knoxville

Drunk driving is one of the most common minor crimes in Knoxville despite spirited campaigns from several quarters discouraging it. It is also one of the reasons courts are jammed every day. If you are ever arrested for such an offense, your first course of action should be to call a DUI attorney to help you through the whole process and ensure that you get a fair treatment.

Drunk driving alone accounts for 1.5 million arrests across the country every year, and the figure seems to be rising. Since the authorities are playing their part in ensuring that there is safety on the roads, the best thing that you can do is to ensure that you play your part too.

Always follow these tips whenever you need the services of a DUI defense attorney.

Look at the Attorney’s History

You need to know the background information of the DUI attorney to be sure you are dealing with the right professional. Think about the cases that they have handled and see how they did it. You will notice that there are some characteristics that set them apart from the rest, and that is the information that you should use to judge their suitability. You may want to analyze as many cases as possible so that you understand them better.

By looking at the history of the DUI lawyer, you will also see the number of cases that they won and those they lost. This tells you a lot about their competency. In addition to that, it lets you in on the kinds of services that you are likely to get when you sign that contract.

Find Out Information About Their Staff

A DUI Attorney does not work alone, especially if they have a large firm and they are required to attend to too many court cases. They will have some people working in their offices or following them wherever they go. You have to look at the behavior of these support staff because, at some point, you will have to deal with them. Find out if they will be willing to help you with paperwork or other services when you visit in the absence of the attorney.

If you will be required to visit the offices, you may also want to know where they are located because you want some convenience. No matter how good an attorney is, you will not get the best services if they are based far away. Sometimes, a Knoxville criminal defense attorney who lives or works close to your residence or place of work will be the best-suited one to take over your cases.

Inquire About Their Fees

How much are you willing to part with for the services of a DUI attorney in Knoxville? You may find out that some of the lawyers have a fixed amount while others will be willing to negotiate. The reason you have to come to an agreement before commencing the process is so that you are able to avoid confrontation about payments once the case is concluded.

In addition to the main payment given to the criminal defense attorney, you should also discuss matters relating to who will be paying for any arising costs. You may find out that this such as travel and miscellaneous costs take up a huge amount of money, and you should know if you will be required. However, the best lawyers will accumulate all charges and put it in the quote, and therefore, you do not have to worry about such things.

To conclude it, a DUI attorney will only be useful to you if they are in a position to provide the kinds of services that you need. In Knoxville, there are many lawyers that offer such services, but you should not just pick any of them without knowing what they can offer. A little background check on the criminal attorney will make you know the kinds of services that they are likely to provide.